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Welcome to the Mblog!

Hello, and welcome to the Mblog where your reality goes digital. I have created this blog to further my search for ultimate truth, justice, and above all to know thyself. This extends to all who come and are interested more in what the world is rather than what will Britney do next.

This blog is a big part of what I want to accomplish, because this is where I will post ideas, thoughts and information instead of losing it on paper or in my head. More is to come and I can’t wait to see where this blog will lead us. Anyways, I will eventually have a weekly and monthly post talking about different subjects. Once I have figured what day of the week I will post it in the blog.

Enjoy your selfs and have a nice day!


Welcome to the School Blog

Hello, obviously this category will about school and contain my school work. I will also have ideas about school and other assorted school stuff.

So I hope you enjoy!!


Welcome to the Personal Blog

Hello, in this blog I decided on it because I wanted to post personal thoughts and different writings that I want to share. This will not have any certain date on when posts will come, it will be all at random and posts will come whenever I feel like it!

I hope you enjoy!


Welcome to the Community Blog

Hello reader, this is the Community Blog. When I mean community I am referring not only to myself. When I do post things from around the web it will be noted and have a source of where I got it. Also if you have something you want to post I can arrange that also.